We always insist that you speak to the broker who introduced you. They will ensure that your renewal happens swiftly, without any fuss, and can take you through the relevant documents that you will need to provide and sign. If you need reminding of your brokers contact details please either: phone us directly on 020 7190 5555, or e-mail us at professions@utbank.co.uk.

If you would like to apply for one of our specific professional loans, please contact us for a list of our approved brokers in your area. They will be able to work closely with you to ensure that you requirements are matched to our best available product. Speak to us directly on 020 7190 5555, or e-mail us at professions@utbank.co.uk.

We provide non-regulated, fixed term and fixed rate loans to the vast majority of the professions sector. With loan terms from 3 months up to 36 months, we can provide repayments either in advance or in arrears, repayable on a monthly basis by direct debit. All our loans are unsecured but where required will be guaranteed by the owner/s of the business.

If you are currently an approved introducer to the Bank for some of our other products then you can either speak to your existing account manager or e-mail us at professions@utbank.co.uk to request the relevant addition to your introducer agreement with us.

If you are new to UTB then you can either: register via our broker centre, e-mail us at professions@utbank.co.uk or alternatively speak to us directly on 020 7190 5555.

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