As businesses continue to invest in bespoke software and off premise solutions, many software installations and upgrades involve high levels of up front and ongoing services that traditional financing methods have been unable to cater for. These can include:

Customisation costs • Training or on-going support • Maintenance over a set period of time

A Changing Market

The technology market continues to change at a tremendous pace and many mainstream manufacturers/authors are predicting that we are going to see a significant shift in how businesses are purchasing their frontline solutions; be they cloud services (SAAS/IAAS) or subscription services that require variable payments.

The purchase of services rather than traditional hardware or software licenses, are likely to comprise the lion’s share of the technology funding market in the years ahead as end users transition to the cloud, either in stages or in a total enterprise solution.

How UTB can help

For years brokers have struggled to find effective solutions for clients looking to fund projects which include a high proportion of intangible technology costs such as service contracts, bespoke software upgrades and website design. Sometimes the broker has only been able to find funding for the hardware and software with the client having to find other means to meet the costs of the services. In the most extreme cases they may have had to turn the business away altogether.

At UTB we understand that services are now an integral part of your clients’ technology requirements and your resellers want to include all of the expenditure in one finance agreement.

We are able to provide these types of funding solutions. From subscription agreements to installation and configuration services, United Trust Bank can provide solutions at the point of sale or retrospectively, once the software and services have been delivered.

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Our dedicated team understands the technology market and the challenges brokers face and our willingness to fund 100% services is just one of the reasons why United Trust Bank is unique in technology finance. Contact us now to request a call back from one of our technology funding specialists to see what we can do for you and your customers.

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